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The 15 minute footballer system is more than just a collection of programs.It's as close to the same online training that I bring to my Premier League, Championship, USL, and academy players as possible, in the most affordable way available.And it's exactly how I train every day.Because what really matters isn't how much weight you can lift or mobile you are, but how well you perform on the pitch.If it doesn't transfer it doesn't matter.I spent years doing vertical jump, 5x5, bodybuilding, basketball, powerlifting, and just about any other program I could find online because there wasn't a good soccer (football) one.I got a little faster, a little more muscular, not a lot better at my sport, and a whole lot more injured.Why was this? I've boiled it down to 8 factors that I call my pillars of Athletic Performance and they're listed below.Each of these programs were missing a couple (and usually most) of these pillarsSo I built the 15 minute footballer system around them.

The 8 Pillars of Athletic Performance

1. Start with the Feet

2. Fatigue Masks Skill

3. Become an Technical/Ability Master

4. Conditioning Follows Speed

5. Strength Through Length

6. The Best Ability is Availability

7. Recover like a Professional

8. Build Connective Tissue Dominance

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What's Inside?

Included Programs -

  • The 15 Minute Footballer - No wasted time. Minimal Fatigue. Supercharge your game in under 20 minutes a day without interfering with your play

  • The 15 Minute Footballer BW - No equipment required. Anyone can make real changes to your speed and durability from anywhere in 15 minutes a day

  • Bonus:

  • The Soccer Speed System - Speed Kills. Built specifically for to develop game-breaking speed in experienced athletes

  • The Soccer Strength System - Weak things break. Build football-specific strength that will actually transfer over to the field

  • Individual Ability Protocols - Focused protocols to build ability in the foot/ankle, knee, hip, back, and more.

Step By Step Guidance

Our individualized approach provides you with a clear roadmap to supercharge your athleticism. By breaking down the training process into manageable steps, you'll experience faster and more noticeable improvements in your performance on the field.

Year-Round Benefits

Distinct programs for both in-season and off-season periods ensure that you can optimize your performance throughout the year. With dedicated phases, you'll be able to adapt your training to meet the specific demands of the season, allowing you to excel during games and create lasting changes during the off-season.

Research Backed Systems

Based on research and result-backed systems, these programs ensure that you receive training methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective. By following these evidence-based systems, you can have confidence in their ability to deliver results and improve your performance on the field.

Extra protocols and resources

Included are the 15 Minute Footballer, 15 Minute Footballer Bodyweight, In-Season Pro, Off-Season Pro, Soccer Speed System, and Soccer Strength System programs along with specific ability protocols (foot/ankle, hamstring, groin,etc) to take you to the next level no matter what your goals are.

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